Personal Videos

My godson Oscar turned seven and celebrated with a close group of Newcastle Society's newest `in' crowd at the Carrington Bowling Club.  I got turned away at the door but snuck in to shoot this.

A video I made testing out my new camera, back before it encountered the Pacific Ocean. Just footage at my Sister's place and cut to pretty music.

Oscar had his very first birthday party at his old home in Cooks Hill, Newcastle. All of the best people were there and he got heaps of pressies.

Andy the Down Syndrome Hand and his best friend Oscar enjoy lots of fun driving times. Through the house and in my old Toyota Corolla `Little Blue'.

Newcastle based artist Natalie Sherring takes you on a tour of her latest exhibition `Little Hearts' at the no longer existing, Foresight Gallery in Cooks Hill.

I had a Calendar for sale from my website at Heres a little promotional tool that starred me! A promotional tool.

Christmas in Australia is a very odd time of the year. That much is certain. This is an animated card I made for the season when I had the time and inclination. Bah Humbug!

Old mate Shaun Flaherty of Missing Link Productions, built himself a drone and taught himself programming to make it do as it was told. I celebrated that effort in my own idiotic way.

Oscar Wilke Ireland turned the big six and had the bestest, `bounciest' Birthday party in all of Newcastle at the Croation Club in Wickham. 
Happy Birthday Lil Man Tate!

Spending a rainy day playing with my Godson, Oscar and his best friend, Andy, the Down Syndrome Hand.

Testing out the video on my new iPhone 4S.  I made a short one of my Godson Oscar during a recent day we had together visiting our friends and his Mum at her Cafe - The Last Drop.

I visits my dear friend, Newcastle, Artist Natalie Sherring and get a guided tour of her new show `Sweet Dumplings'. At the time Natalie was heavily pregnant with Oliver & Darcy. So obviously...

I'd only just bought my iPhone 4S and was inspired to play around with it while watching some light play in my room one hot Summer's morning.

Mr Happy is a circus clown in a Circus on tour in regional Australia. His drug addled mind can't cope with the possibility he may have murdered his dealer/schoolgirl lover and he Snaps! This short University, Art student video was made back in 1993 and caused a sensation at our end of year exhibition night.

Commercial Video

A Commercial made by Missing Link Productions for John Church Advertising.  I'm responsible for the animation of mould spores and Dust Mite faeces being neutralised by the product.

A TV commercial I animated for Little Green Frog Marketing and Five Star Day Care Centres.

Character Animation I contributed to a TV Commercial for Australian Ski Resort, Perisher Blue.

Here's some design and animation I completed for a Smelli Gelli Baff Commercial I did for Missing Link Productions of Newcastle and V3 Productions in Sydney.

The 2nd of two Commercials I animated for Little Green Frog Marketing and Five Star Day Care.