Well, someone out there likes me...

A rather passive aggressive headline I just realised. I wonder what a passive aggressive Super Hero would be like? I think he or she would have a grey outfit and either sex would have pigtails and have a mask resembling spectacles for the passive but shit kicking big muscles (of course). And in confrontations with super villains they'd try and shame them into stopping their evil doing. Hmmm, sounds dull, glad their isn't one. But I digress. It would seem that someone gave Horlicks to the Hampster's at Blogger yesterday and their little heads when sleepy bo bo and wouldn't upload anything - I got a message from one this morning with lettuce stains all over it. (But it's an email? How can you get lett- Shut up!)
Anyway, go have a look at Channel 118 because it's very,very funny and the interface is very well done.

Now that someone is a bloke in Hamerica (forst you get de sugarr, den you get de powerrr, den you get dee wimminnn) and he left a message on me blogg saying he liked it, which was nice,don't you think? And so I went and had a look at his and thought his had some great pics, was darkly ironic and very funny. So he had a lil competition on one of his posts about pic swappings if wrote something that amused him...so I took my pants off and wrote something silly about a bee. (my favorite insect btw. They're so giving) So he liked it and sent me a pic. I'll put a link to his blog here and over in the blog link bit...um, over there ->
Now to catch up on my blogging so I can get back to building Mr Shiny. com...which is coming along nicely. I'll put up a pic of the interface soon.

He drew me skinny. I like this guy. And Muffins! How did he know? Is he in the crawl space of my house cleaning his toenails? Posted by Hello
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