I wonder what the new iMac will look like?

I'm due for an upgrade on my darling lil 5 yr old iMac soon and got to thinking,` hey it's been a while since there's been a major modification to the design of what I think is the greatest desktop computer ever made so far. I wonder what Apple might have in store for us?'

I can't imagine there would be too much of a change from the current design. As far as what I can see, it's perfect. For current technology that is. Lets not get ahead of ourselves speculation wise. But, it's a stand, perfectly balanced with a screen on the top. Ta Daaaa, well done Jonny Ive.

So the new one?

Apple's Chief product designer Jon Ives ponders whether the latest iMac, due soon, will have a tear drop shape.

Apple's Chief product designer Jon Ives ponders whether the latest iMac, due soon, will have a tear drop shape.

Well I reckon it will be Retina. That seems like a given to me. Probably the same size as the current larger one, 27 inch and 16 x 9 aspect ratio. But I speculate that Apple will take the DVD, CD burner out. That tech is redundant and I was surprised that they left it in on the latest upgrade. But what I reckon they'll do is take out completely the old spinning hard drive and replace it totally with Solid State. This would make the iMac as thin as all buggery as they say in tech circles. But where then would they put the power plugs, USB, Thunderbolt, ethernet etc? 

Hmmm. Will this mean they will have to change the design again? Is this part of the reason it's been a while between iMac upgrades?

What do you folk reckon?

Well What do you know. Just a few days after posting this, Apple went and upgraded their iMacs with a new design and spankingly new Specs.

No tear drop design but once again Apple have outdone themselves. 

The new iMac is just amazingly thin. Yes it tapers out at the back but because it looks like it's meeting the rear stand it looks seamlessly incorporated. 

It's Intel blisteringly fast.  Still no Retina screen yet. Not that it really matters. With the new screens Apple has engineered for the 2012 iMacs it's like comparing diamonds. The hard drives are a mix of old and new. You have the option of going all the way with Solid State for a 750 or so gig drive.  But that's the most expensive route.
Interestingly,  they've come up with something called a Fusion Drive.  I guess you could say it's like a hybrid engine in a car. It has a small amount of solid state for your regularly used apps that it continually updates, swapping them from the older style hard drive. I'm keen to see how well this works. For the full specs and info head over to Apple and geek out.