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Whales need to be very careful about where they play...

Here's a new image from the prawns and bees book. This one is of a ship accidentally bumping into a whale while it's playing hide and seek with a seal. 
Here's the sketch first up so you can get an idea of how this image began.

And below is the final image, all tucked away and ready for bed.

I'm thinking I might take a break from it for a short bit and put some work into the other book which has been neglected for a while now. A fresh head on it I hope will make the difference and allow me to really get ahead on it.

Happy Mothers Day!

Apparently it's mothers day very soon so in the interests of all those who have `complicated' relations with their mother, here's an updated version of a picture I did a few years ago from my alien species, `Critterz' series, and some of the original sketches on paper I used to work from.

My Drawing process

I draw out a very, very rough lot of shapes first off to see how the image is positioned. Sometimes this helps to clarify an idea I have. Working digitally now means I can sketch in elements and apply them where I want later. 

I'm still getting used to drawing conceptually on the Wacom tablet. Really it's much easier to draw (conceptually) on a one but there's a sort of mental hurdle to get over as much as I try to deny it.  I'm just used to paper. It's ridiculous I know, but there really is a mental divide I've noticed between those of us who are relatively late to computers verses younger people who have grown up with them.

I really wish I could `cntrl - Z' my mistakes on paper rather than using the eraser, now that would be cool.

The original `Red' version where I think I went a bit overboard on making it too alien.

The original `Red' version where I think I went a bit overboard on making it too alien.

Final version...

After mulling it over I decided the original colour scheme was a bit too intense for an image about nurturing and motherhood. My ideas on what was `alien' got in the way of seeing the image for what it really was - and so, softer colours that I still hope, portray a sense of the alien as well.

And here's the final, rendered image. Updated with some colour tweeks.

And here's the final, rendered image. Updated with some colour tweeks.

A bee and a prawn exchange pleasantries on their way to work...

Slowly but surely I'm getting through my Mr Shiny book. Here's a new one, just in time for Christmas and ready to do another one in the new year.  I'm hoping I'll get a lot more done than I've done in 2015. Which is now two. Not a good average I admit but life has a way of getting in the way of our own best thought of plans.

Originally I'd made a start on this book a fair while ago and was going to do the original sketches, build up the image over it in Adobe Illustrator and then shade them from there but `the Missus' convinced me to use my original sketches as she felt they have a better `energy' about them.

Final Image

And so, the final image of a bee and a prawn saying hello to each other on the way to work.  It seems very English for some reason.

New Images from my Book...

I’m still beavering away on my book. Here are several of my latest pictures.

Prawns and Bee’s really had nothing much to do with each other but would always wave to each other whenever the chance arose.

Bee’s are very sensitive creatures and can tell if someone is happy, sad or as mad as a fruitcake!

Not much is known about how Prawns feel emotionally but anecdotally there’s much evidence to support a popular theory of aquamarine empathy.

Prawn World Lives!

It's been some time between postings and here's why. This is the latest image from the Children's book I'm working on, `Mr Shiny has Stories: How Prawns and Bees became best friends’.  And this - is `Prawn World'
- It's where Prawns live!! (durrrr) 

I've been working on this since October last year and omigawd it's good to finish it. And now it's time to get in and finish the next thirty two or so. Constructive comments are most welcome - so over to you...

Another new Critter - Saxophone!

Here's a new member to my Critter series, Saxophone. Once again the idea has come from a random word generator on the web, in this case it was `Saxophone' `Target' that set me off in this direction of the universal quest for love and a night of full sleep.

If you have any random words lying about at your feet you think would be better used as inspiration for a Critter picture then let me know. I'd love to hear from you.