Being sociable about `The Social Network'.

I reckon personally, that this movie is a triumph. It's `The Social Network' or so that everyone will understand what movie it is you're talking about, `The Facebook Movie'.  It really shouldn't succeed as it does because the characters are utterly unlikable and it's very verbal. Though I hasten to add, in the best possible way. Aaron Sorkin's dialogue zings and ricochets like I'd imagine a debate between Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross and Peter Ustinov would be like if the three of them were on cocaine and had the latest amazing new product from Apple sitting between them. (now that'd be something to see.)  If I met the Mark Zuckerberg portrayed in this movie I'd want nothing to do with him.  I imagine he'd want nothing to with me either but this is MY fantasy so he doesn't get a say in it. In fact, seeing as it's my fantasy,  lets reference him as `The Gimp' from now on.

Believe the hype.
This movie is as good as what everyone is saying it is. It may even be better. I suspect that David Fincher has made another masterpiece that will be remembered as such in years to come. (Another? C'mon, the bloke made Se7en and Fight Club!  I'd argue that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is one as well but I know I'm paddling against the stream with that one...I also reserve a special place in my heart for Zodiac as well).

For the life of me as I was watching this movie, I couldn't see why I should be enjoying it so much. I was keen to see it at first, not knowing anything about the Gimp but aware only that it was a collaboration between Fincher and Sorkin. But then I saw some video of the gimp fronting a conference on mobile applications and he just came across as an utter dick. And although I use Facebook, I was uninterested in it's origins, I mean really, who would be?  However the trailer was compelling and I admit my interest was piqued when the question was posed, `what did it take for someone to sue his best friend for $600 million?' M-kay.

The paradoxical Gimp as young romantic hero - discuss.
The thing is, as the movie progresses. You do end up liking the Gimp.  You come to realise that he's a confident, middle class, astoundingly intelligent person (who is well aware of it) surrounded by other  highly intelligent people, who as clever as they are, are just not on his level.  He's sexist, devious,  sneaky, highly manipulative and controlling. He seemingly has no interest in money which makes him seem either naive or stupid because he is strongly driven by status and it's appearance. Although you end up cheering for him to succeed you keep thinking, well kid you want the status but you don't want the money - but it's the money that gives you the status, so what gives gimp?

Although it is a talky movie, visually it's stunning. The scene that tipped me over the edge, (in that I shot forward on my seat staring in awe and excitement at the scene unfolding before me.) was the `Regatta sequence .'  It's a tour de force that forces you to realise that the movie is an examination of a society and culture so many of us will only ever read about or see in a documentary.  Fincher uses Tilt Shift, A film technique that compresses an image with different focal lengths to make, say for instance, A photo of  a town square give the appearance of a scale model of a town square.  In this films context, it's used to distance the viewer thematically and forces them to realise that what you are seeing is a microcosm of a particular moment in time that is ironically, timeless. You're looking at a particular world through anthropological lenses and this sequence rams it home like an enthusiastic young Proctologist with large hands.

Get out of the house!
Go see this movie on the big screen because though it's not a big visual blockbuster, it is a beautiful film to watch and experience in a theatre. Go along for the ride and watch master movie makers take you on a journey where thoroughly unlikeable people grow on you so you end up cheering for them to succeed. No small feat that the makers of Skyline could learn something from.

4.5 Stars from Uncle Nugget.